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This has to Begin somewhere: Why not here!

I’m so new to this, I don’t know what to do with this! It feels like Myspace and I think I may be getting old! Lol! I do not know the rules or how to’s, all I know is I have had this site up for over a month and I have yet to write about the Hope I give and receive on my journey to empower.  But I have to start somewhere and so do you! Step one is beginning and sometimes when we make up our mind to do something, we won’t know where to start or anything else after that!

I am going to start by introducing myself and telling you little by little what I am about and what I plan on accomplishing with this site! I am a work in continual progress so please bear with ME! My name is Sharika Thompson and I love Jesus Christ more than anything in the world! If you knew me before you probably do not know me now because God has been transforming me for quite a while. I am proud to say that I have been delivered from all that I thought I needed and I am now free and focused! I am 28 years old with no children, I have a bachelors in Arts (Communication), I pray, I coach, I braid, I model, I read, I frolic and I worship !

What I plan never works out because God is the head, shoulders, knees and brains of this operation. I lean on Him for everything so if I say God willing a lot it is because its on my menu of may I’s in the Name of Jesus! Currently I am out of season for my coaching jobs and applying to Graduate school, and modeling agencies! While looking forward to acceptance, and being signed (God willing) I do a great deal of preparing and praying for my future and the huge promises God has placed on my heart. It sounds like everything is all together but transitioning can be very scary, but un-comfort is where growth occurs.

One scripture that has pushed me to keep pressing in this season is, Philippians 3:13-14 and it reads” Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this on thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”! We cannot look back and think we are going to prosper! So do not remind me about who I used to be or what I used to do,  I am a new woman heading to greater places than I have ever been. Eyes haven’t seen ears haven’t heard all He has planned for me! AMEN! But on this pursuit each endeavor is one step at a time and organization and obedience are keys I tell you ! Get yourself a passion planner and make sure you listen to what God is telling you! (Post on how He speaks coming soon)!

But before I start preaching let me stick to the menu of what I pray to encourage through this little ole blog! I pray that lives would be moved to their purpose and an enthusiasm and faith that cannot be moved! I pray that the hope provided here will be so contagious, that lives will be saved, transformed and forgiven. That somehow you will see that living simpler and sharing your blessings and talents go a long way and that glory will be given to GOD as I tell you what He is doing through my vessel!



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Kavirondo Cosmetics Review

Greetings and Grace !

Sure you are wondering where this page took a turn but it’s still all about Jesus ! God has had me as He always does !

I’ve mentioned before that I got rid of a lot on behalf of detoxing and minimalizing to follow God solely! Also to make room for the new !

Well I got rid of all my make up and God has been replenishing all that I give to Him! When God has me give to someone/anyone because He has me do it I consider it giving to Him because it’s for His glory !

Awhile back I modeled in an event where one of my favorite make up artists wanted to use a product of a friend of hers on my lips ! I months later tagged them in a #tbt ! I got a dm from the company and was offered to test out some different lip colors !

When I received this blessing I was shocked ! They came in these cute pink boxes with gold writing, just royalty all in the packaging ! Inscribed it reads: ” the Kavirondo women journeyed through Africa’s largest migration; Egypt to Sudan settling near lake Victoria in modern day east Africa. Kavirando beauty channels their strength, resilience, vibrancy and warrior spirit by encouraging women of all backgrounds to use color boldly while celebrating their true self!”

The names of the colors have meanings too! I really like that ! There is purpose in this line ! My true self is Jesus Christ Galatians 2:20 it is not I that live but Christ in me ! So I celebrate Him all the time !

The Product: smells like candy! It’s thick and since they are mattes I use a little chap stick before using ! It lasts long there are no clumps ! I got complemented all day ! The colors are bold and subtle at the same time ! I love the nudes (Lwanda, Nyali and Y’mbo) But I can’t choose my favorite of them all !

You can find these products and the rest of the life giving shades on their website click Here ! Follow their social media page on Instagram as well @kavirondobeauty !!!

I totally recommend their line !!!

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You’re Racing Yourself and the Clock

Never forget this race involves solely the lane you are in and the God at the end !!

In track and field this is law “stay in your own lane!” Do your best and in the next race do better ! Train harder! Use practice as your place to try out different strategies. Know what your purpose for running and set goals to exceed! Watch tape from your performances and evaluate how to get to where it is you want to go! Encourage yourself! Count your blessings ! Don’t forget to rest & eat like a champion !

Run as fast as you can while knowing your pace and when to kick ! Trust your training and run through the finish line after pressing through that pain ! You’re almost there ! The faster you run the faster you’re done !!! Now ask yourself was that my best race !!!

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Read Between the Lines Don’t be Color Blind

Where am I ? I am between ! Between places, between jobs, between transportation between the hustle, between God and I

… Am almost there

Read between the lines

I am at sacrifice and satisfied content because my soul survived !

All is well where my Spirit dwells the wiles of the devil will not prevail

I am at Heaven on earth striving for all that it’s worth

My feet hurt but I make it work I’ll get there I’ll put in work

I am free and I am hungry and I smell something savory God is waiting for me

I must get where He needs me so He can overwhelm me I can only be used by Him

The time is now my God is how

I trust Him even then but more now

I’m depended solely on the potter wow

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Everything you start

All that’s on your heart

Every vow to God

Every road you trod

You’re going to make it through

Please believe it’s true

God equipped you to

He planted strength in You

Don’t disobey or doubt

Better shout it out



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Something Has Changed

I am and will never be the same ! The supernatural is at an all time HiGh !

I can’t describe or explain because if you’re of this world you just wouldn’t understand ! I won’t even waste my time trying !

Jesus I am eternally in love with You, Your Presence and the company You keep ! It’s unbelievable the things that I know are happening !

This is the best year of my life thus far! I just want to thank You for every single thing I can ! There’s nobody like You and I will never leave this place with You! I will grow here and mine all the treasures bestowed upon me ! This is truly Havilah ! Lead me in the way everlasting My King ! I will honor You all the days of my everlasting life !

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Everything You Prayed for is Arriving !

Are You ready!? Or will God have to bless somebody who is ?

Often times we ask for God to prepare us for all that our hearts desire! All of our Godly Goals and seeds planted. Well I know I do and consistently too! Not only do I ask and believe, I sow, I decree and I trust and prepare for it like it’s done as soon as I ask! It sounds crazy and believe me people think I am! But faith is knowing that what you’ve asked for is your’s! There is a scripture that says ”

“And if we know that He hears us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.”

‭‭1 John‬ ‭5:15‬ ‭KJV‬

God will never give us more than we can bear so there is a process that takes place once we ask and believe for our petition. He will get you good and ready for exactly what you have asked for! This may involve purging (or getting rid of the old and making room for the new), strengthening of faith, sacrificing something or just plain old listening /obedience!

He will test you and equip you! There will be obstacles and different giants that you will face to check your faith. But you have to remember the promise and what God said! You have to keep your eyes and mind on Jesus so you won’t turn to the left or to the right !

I know it sounds easier than it really is and a real life example from my own life is this:

I have wanted to go to Point Loma Nazarene University for over 5 years! It’s only a 15 month program that’s $20,000 … I wrote a couple of blogs about getting in last November but prior to getting in there boy was it a long process of preparation !

God knew I wasn’t ready but I asked Him what I needed to do to be ready! I had to seek God for what I needed to do to be a value to the program, myself and for those I was sent for! I set tons of Godly goals and allowed God to mold me into a student ready for graduate level work!

I gave up all the hindering habits that kept me from being focused and from possessing leadership potential! I found better habits like reading books on leadership and Spirit chosen reads ! I gave up tons of relationships from friends to family ! Our true family are those who do the will of the Father anyway! I surrendered my work plans living arrangements, and comfort to let God lead me to what I was truly meant for! I asked God to only open doors that had my name on them and His divine purpose for my life! And I have shed and gained more in the last 5 years than I have in all my life!

The program that was supposed to start in January 2018 was postponed to spring and then moved to fall! I went to orientation last week and I am set to start officially on September 3rd!

Until this June right before Father’s Day I was going for free due to the fact that my dad served 20 years in the US Navy! Housing was even going to be paid for.. My dad unfortunately decided not to sign the paperwork and now I am expecting God to provide like He always has! In the past I received a full ride and even when I messed it up God made a way for me to finish and leave my mark His way! I have also learned that when you get this close you can’t give up ! I am willing to surrender going to school if the timing isn’t right but so far I am all in, and following Jesus !

I applied for a job that opened up on campus and it’s where my weekly classes are! It’s only part time but I’d still be able to model and act on the weekends depending on how well I manage my time with the curriculum!

I am going to NYFW for the second time in one year too! My last trip was so divine that even though I haven’t gotten my ticket for that yet either, like Abraham it’s already done !

My faith sometimes is all I have and it’s the greatest thing about me! Where others would be cutting their selves I am just trusting God ! And enjoying seeking His face, instructions and voice! He is always speaking to me and showing me my lavish future! I have to stay in this place as of now but God can move like that to bring me out how He wants to!

Never forget :

It is our job as recipients to make sure we are ready! So I ask, ” God! What can I do to be more grateful, more prepared and to please You more!? ”

And I decree that I am equipped for every good work and every good promise! Jesus died for me to be possessed and used by the Holy Spirit ! His perfect will be done! Everything I need is in God’s hand to handle ! I am focused on Christ! Nothing shall separate me from His sweet enduring LOVE!

Love is patient Love is kind it does not envy it does not boast it is not proud Love is not rude or selfish it cannot be easily angered Love always protects always trusts always hopes always perseveres LOVE NEVER FAILS 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a

I am love & so are you ! Let’s wait, work and trust in God boldly like it’s nobody’s business !!!

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Have you ever felt like you were missing… or missed something you never really had? It’s crazy how in tune I am…

but if you are a woman you are somebody in the earth’s rib.. it is written..

I haven’t needed anything but God but I know I was created to love someone very special and God keeps reminding me lately like it’s almost time ! O Jesus ! Anyway I couldn’t hold this in any longer ..

Dear love I need You as soon as Your Will allows, please comfort me like only You can

Thank You Jesus


Love is home and I am homesick this am but I know You are in my heart so I’ll continue praying in the Spirit

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Can’t Get it off Your Mind Can You?

There are those things we think about that we want that God told us was ours that maybe we haven’t received yet that stays on our minds…

We try to cast them down like they are keeping us from remaining focused but what if their purpose is greater than we know!? What if they are there to motivate us? Or test us?

I find myself questioning the reasons then I find myself surrendering those and what is on my mind to Jesus ! Maybe that is what Jesus wanted me to do all along!

I don’t want to be distracted by anything especially something that’s all in my mind! I have authority over my thoughts! I have the mind of Christ! But there it is again ! This dream, that prophecy that I believe God for! But I can’t do anything but continue to prepare for it! And pray that once it is time that it is better than I could have ever dreamed or thought!

I have to remain focused and get my God given assignments done! I must follow the instructions and nudges of the Holy Spirit to listen wisely to His promptings!

No matter what it looks like you have to trust God and keep on pressing! Learn from your experiences, remember what made you strong and make haste to do what you set out to do so God can bless you with that thing you can’t seem to shake mentally… thank God for placing it on the tablet of your heart thank God for showing you it’s purpose! Thank God for answering every one of your prayers! Recent and old ! Surrender everything you possibly can to Christ ! He will multiply them all !

Trust Him

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Plans turn into Flan

I hate flan 🍮 no matter how many times I try it ! Hahaha I’m sure it doesn’t matter to y’all but I just wanted to remind you all to surrender your plans ! Because they end up being something too strong for taste! Idk why a cake would be so strong in taste ! Lol but yeah

I started writing a book and I thought I’d be done by before now ! This was a promise and gift to myself and God! I thought it would be a lot easier … I write all the time .. but God always always always shows me that while my heart is in a good place He still rules supreme in how He can take me and my heart to greater places ! He doesn’t want no rushed job … He has to let some lessons linger for greater appreciation ! Surrender more …………… and remember it’s okay not that you don’t keep a vow but that you bow to God’s timing and remain upbeat in trusting He knows exactly what He is doing ! He knows exactly what you need He knows exactly what you want!

He delivers ! Enjoy each and every moment of getting after your’s! Let God be who He is ! There is a writing block for a purpose ! Find it ! Relax ! Take one step at a time ! And keep your eyes on JESUS !

You got this baby! Praise God !